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YMS Engineering is located in Dubai Industrial Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It consists of the Head Office and a Factory. The facility is heavily landscaped to create an environment of wellbeing and is one of the most efficient and sophisticated plants in the UAE for the production of Hot Rolled Steel Structures. Every conceivable detail was considered in the planning and construction of this facility. The facility occupies an area of 202,300 SF plot in Saih Shuaib-3 in Dubai Industrial Park on Plot No. 5320221 and comprises of state-of-the-art facilities including mess hall, prayer room, training rooms, conference rooms, dedicated parking, resting area for workers, etc. The head office houses the Executive Management and all traditional head office departments such as finance, sales, Purchase, human resources, I.T., project management, marketing, estimation, engineering, QA/QC etc. The factory comprises of state-of-the- art custom designed equipment and sophisticated material handling systems efficiently incorporated into the production process. Policies and standard procedures are implemented that ensure both staff and workers are provided with tools, skills and training to bring them to an excellent level of performance. The factory has been built and equipped to have a monthly production capacity of 2000 metric tons (MT) of Hot Rolled Steel Structure.


The facility comprises of four separate Workshops that include extensive steelwork fabrication workshops and surface preparation and painting areas. The facilities are supported with all necessary infra-structure including a computer aided design/drawing office. The facility occupies an area of 202,300 SF of which approximately 51,225 SF  is covered workshop space. The factory is built in such a manner that allows easy manoeuvrability, natural lighting and ventilation resulting in a superior working environment for our workers.


The Heavy Fabrication Workshop is in a long building called Factory 2 which is 24m wide x 47m long with an overhead crane of 7.5T. This workshop consists of two bays that are fully equipped and supplied by two numerically controlled structural saw and drill lines, as well as a marking and punching unit. This workshop also has a separate bay for plate cutting and processing using CNC machinery.


The Main Workshop is used for heavy plated fabrication works of Hot Rolled Sections in a long building called Factory 1 which is 36m wide x 102m long with two overhead cranes of 15T each, accompanied by a shearing machine, bench press and lathe machines in an extensive set up. This main workshop also allows fabrication of light structures which is used principally for the manufacture of ladders, handrails, platforms and other secondary structures. This workshop also allows a separate Assembly Area and Dispatch Area.


The factories are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines which enable production of premium quality steelwork components by facilitating quality material preparation activities with optimum usage of time and materials and with high accuracy by avoiding all possible human errors, for the subsequent assembly and welding activities as part of the fabrication process.

We are also equipped with all the required precise CNC machinery and highly skilled personnel to face any kind of challenges in the fabrication of complex structures in order to turn the architect’s dreams into reality. The facility also houses a separate Blasting Booth that accommodates blasting of built-up and hot rolled sections in a building of 2,400 SF area. A separate Painting Booth accommodates painting of built-up and hot rolled sections in a building of 12,500 SF area. Our workshop is equipped with a shot blasting machines, manual blast-cleaning and airless spraying system for painting all structural components (except those that are pre-galvanized) that require cleaning and primers. Raw materials and consumables are housed in a 40m wide x 22m long storage building.  The Company also has access to an area of approx. 45,000 SF adjacent to our facility which can be utilized for the material storage of major structures.


The office building accommodates the Factory Administration Office, Staff Office, conference rooms, restrooms and mess hall with a total area of 14,000 SF. A separate receiving and dispatch yard separates the factory buildings from office building. We also have fabrication workshops at 3 key locations in UAE to accommodate large volume jobs with facilities to produce a multitude of products ranging from conventional structural steelwork as well as blasting and painting jobs. Our fabrication facilities are certified with global standards and fabrication works are being carried out in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 standards under an Integrated Management System to maintain the highest global standards for Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management systems.




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